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Average cost of live bands for hire

So, you’ve finally found the perfect band for your event. They’ve given you a quote, but you can’t make sense of the amount they are asking for. This article delves deeper into the average cost for live bands and the factors that determine pricing.

Here are a few factors that determine the cost of a band:

  1. Experience

Experienced bands and musicians charge more for their services because they know how to deal with every situation. You will appreciate their professionalism and experience when something unexpected happens, and they are still able to carry on with the show. Experience and reputation go hand in hand, so a well-respected band with a huge fan base automatically charges higher rates.

  1. Travel

If a band is travelling a long distance to perform at your event, you will have to cover the cost of their flights, fuel, accommodation, and mileage. Travel time, packing, and unpacking can take hours, and the band will need to be reimbursed for that. If you’re on a budget, opt for live bands near your location.

  1. Seasons

Rates are lower during the off-season and vice versa. For example, busy bank holidays at the height of summer and the Christmas holiday are peak seasons, which means that rates are slightly more expensive. Therefore, when planning your event, consider the time of the year and the popularity of your date. To save money, consider hosting your event during weekdays and on off-peak dates.

  1. Time

The longer the band performs, the more you’ll pay. Most bands charge for a set number of hours, so if they are to perform longer than that, you will have to pay additional charges.

  1. Number of performers

Some bands charge flat rates for their services, but others charge per musician to ensure everyone is well compensated. In such a case, the more artists you have performing, the more you will pay. It’s also important to note that musicians such as acoustic singers, harpists, percussionists, violinists, etc., charge higher rates, so confirm with the band before booking.

  1. Bespoke services

Like everything else, tailored entertainment costs more. If you want the band to learn new songs, especially for your event, you will have to dig deeper into your pocket. Charges for this vary from band to band, so confirm with the band members prior to booking.


All the factors mentioned above make up the final price for a live band. While you can manoeuvre around some of them to reduce the final price, never compromise on professionalism.

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