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Why is Caribbean Gardens the perfect venue for a summer event?

What makes a venue perfect for a summer event?

Melbourne festival scene has become more inclusive, sustainable, and accessible over the past few years.

Festivals are one of the mainstays of Melbourne’s cultural life. As a result, our city’s numerous spaces and communities are replete with vitality, creativity, boldness, and spirit. Allowing all individuals to express themselves fully and connect on a deeper, transcendental level creates a space where inhibitions are cast aside.

Apart from finding solidarity with others on important issues, music festivals provide a space to discuss them. In addition to building open-minded and safe communities, great music festivals promote social and cultural change. Inclusion, accessibility, and sustainability are at the core of this. Therefore, if organizers want their attendees to enjoy their festival truly, a perfect venue is inescapable.


For a location to be perfect, it needs to be easily accessible for both locals and visitors. Choosing a venue within a reasonable distance of your attendees’ homes or workplaces is important when planning a local event. However, during a large event, if attendees will be traveling from out of town, a location near the airport or hotel will be beneficial. As is the case with Caribbean Garden, its location is convenient and easily accessible. A short distance from major arterial roads such as the Eastern Freeway and Stud Road, and freeway access to Melbourne Airport without traffic lights. Thanks to just a 25-minute drive to Melbourne’s CBD and public transportation nearby, this is an excellent place for summer events.

Big space and adaptability

Besides location, space also plays a big role for event planners. An extraordinary place, the Caribbean garden boasts 39 hectares of outdoor exhibit and event space. Adaptable to any event, the outdoor event space is equipped with seven zones, which means you can only pay for what you use. There are several packages available to choose from, which give you full control over all aspects of the event. It’s now time for summer events to shine!

Food and Beverages

As a licensed venue, Caribbean Garden can offer a variety of food & beverages during the event. The addition of food trucks and beverage stalls to any summer event ensures a tasty, unique blend of culture and ample beverage and food options.

Why is the Caribbean garden a perfect venue?

The Caribbean garden makes for a flexible and affordable site package for event organisers. Public transportation can be availed by attendees. In addition, centrally located to Melbourne’s suburbs and other dense populations, including the Mornington Peninsula and eastern suburbs, Caribbean Garden is only:

  • A 25-minute drive from the CBD (27 km).
  • Mornington Peninsula is only 35 minutes away (50km).
  • A 45-minute drive to the Yarra Valley (40 km).

Caribbean Garden has a picturesque activation space that you can enjoy outdoors as well as on the water. Like any summer event venue, parking makes a lot of difference. Thankfully ample parking space is available on-site for attendees.

You can save a great deal of money and effort by using what a venue has, assuming they match your theme and ambiance. For event organisers, Caribbean Garden provides a full range of temporary infrastructure services, which makes planning easy and hassle-free. Only 400m away from the garden, event central can host 170 rooms for guests, so you don’t have to worry about where you stay.

Why should festival goers check out Hello Sunshine this summer?

Is food or music your thing? Or do you just enjoy thrifting? It may be the thrill that you crave so much! You could be someone who enjoys all of the above. Undoubtedly, Hello Sunshine will meet and exceed any of your expectations for a summer event.

Aside from the amazing live music spectacle that will feature the likes of Amy Shark, The Cat Empire, 360, Pierce Brothers, Murray (the original red wiggle), and more, you’ll have the chance to indulge yourself with some of Melbourne’s finest food with Hello Sunshine’s Food Trucks.

Do you want more? Hello Sunshine offers an extensive market with an array of incredible stalls to browse on the day. For thrill-seekers, we have something for you as well! Hello Sunshine will feature a variety of rides, from chill-out rides to dare-devil rides.

Finally, to cap off the summer event in style, a firework display! Hello Sunshine offers something for every festival-goers out there. Entertainment, great food, amusement rides, ample space for kids to play, easy access to public transport, parking spaces, and, to top it all off, the picturesque views of the Caribbean Garden. Book your tickets for an amazing summer event today! Start your summer with a BANG!

For specific details on the summer festival, do check out the Hello Sunshine event page. It has all the information you need and a lot more.

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