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A Quick Guide to Buying Second Hand Vinyls

Have you ever bought second hand vinyl from music stores in Melbourne? If not, you might be wondering if there are any tips or tricks that you need to know about. The answer is yes, especially if you want to ensure the records you buy are in good condition. This article will cover three essential tips for successfully buying second hand vinyl. Read on, audiophiles!

Check for Scratches

This is a vital first move when you’re in a second hand music shop in Melbourne. If you’ve found a record at a low price, it could be on account of the fact that it’s scratched and the store owner has priced it accordingly. If you’re buying vinyl from an op shop, it’s more a case of buyer beware. Scratches can turn a pleasant listening experience into a frustrating annoyance as the record keeps skipping over the scratches. When checking for scratches, you need to make sure that you carefully handle the vinyl record without touching its surface, turning it this way and that to look at it under the light. Take your time with this, as some music stores in Melbourne may not offer exchange or reimbursement for scratched records after you’ve made a purchase.

Inspect the Cover Condition

While the cover doesn’t technically need to be in good condition in order to play the record, it is important as a place to house and protect your record. If the cover is torn, your record may not be very safe and secure inside the cover. You may also wish to see if the inner cover sleeve that goes inside the cover is also present and correct. Another reason to check that the cover is in good condition is that it helps form a complete set with the vinyl, and can therefore add value to the items set together. Any damage, whether it be on the record itself or on the cover, will mean that the condition is lowered, making it a less desired item if you should choose to resell it down the track.

Pay a Fair Price

When you arrive at a music shop in Melbourne, you may not have any idea what a fair price is for vinyl. That’s why it’s imperative that you do your research. There are many online marketplaces where you can check prices of certain records and get a feel for what average prices are. That way, when you visit music stores in Melbourne, you’ll already be prepared with a rough idea of how much cash you should be putting down for a scratch-free vinyl in impeccable condition. However, you’ll need to keep in mind that physical second hand music stores will have more overheads than individuals selling off their vinyl collections. This means you may pay slightly more in a music shop in Melbourne, but on the other hand you’ll also be able to benefit from an extensive range and the expertise of the shop owner.

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