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Correct Keystrokes Make All the Difference in a Piano

A vital assault starts with the means you regard the piano. If you deal with the piano as a percussion tool, it will seem like one! If you think that the keyboard is a stiff surface, it will mirror your attitude, producing a short, stiff, and hideous sound!

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Don’t strike the piano keys, rather press it as if diving progressively right to an elastic surface area.

Have you ever looked at how cats knead? The adaptable, soft, relaxed, as well as great touché of the paws, is able to be simple compared to the gesture we need to utilize if playing the piano!

Think of that you’re using an adaptable surface area, on a fragile instrument that can catch as well as reflect the smallest variations in the quality of your touché.

As opposed to producing a series of harsh, isolated, fixed hits we can find out how to produce a multifunctional, meaningful sound. By mastering this sort of sound as well as having it in our pianistic collection, we can end up being almighty pianists!

A kicked-back, vibrant, profound, steady, as well as at the same time soft crucial attack has many benefits!

It allows us to:

  • create a quality piano audio;
  • make an unbelievably smooth legato;
  • develop the illusion that the noise does not disappear instantly after being born;
  • shape nonstop melodious lines, as well as flowing phrases;
  • reveal a large range of dynamics, starting from the gentlest ppp and then reaching the most remarkable fff.
  • attain an impressive expressiveness;
  • play with numerous characters as well as shades of the audio;
  • attain the power of expression of an entire chamber orchestra;
  • mimic the shade as well as the tone of any kind of instrument;
  • have maximum advantages with minimal initiative.

These are just a few of the several benefits of a moving, loosened-up piano touché. From the beginning, I permitted myself to compose only 10 instances, or else I would’ve reached 100 or even more!

Now, you recognize why it’s so essential to reveal to every student, from the extremely first lesson, the basics of a proper as well as kicked back the essential strike. This strategy is extremely simple and incredibly effective!

This sort of piano touché enables every pianist, novice, intermediate, and specialist to create a deep, gorgeous, and meaningful sound that surpasses the hammer as well as string’ mechanism of the instrument.

Metaphorically talking, enables us to fly without wings, just by using the power of our mind and the performance of our body in a wise means!

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