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How to Throw an Awesome Easter Party!

Easter is just around the corner and you are probably beginning to think about ways you can get your family and friends together for a great party. An Easter party is a wonderful way to have fun with your loved ones, and we have put together a handy guide on how to throw an awesome Easter party.

Decide the age range

Normally, you might expect an Easter party to be targeted at little ones. This might be an easier option, as you can set up some cute games and have someone dress up as the Easter Bunny for fantastic photo opportunities. However, you might want to think about throwing a party that is for adults, or for all ages! Embracing the Easter spirit is not just for kids.

Plan a brunch

If you are going to go for a little more of a low key gathering, then a refined brunch is a lovely option. If the spring weather allows it, set up a table outside (or in a conservatory area or gazebo to be safe from April showers!) and serve finger food and cocktails. While this might not be suitable if you are inviting children – you may want to go for more of a buffet-style meal, offering small bites and themed cupcakes is still an excellent idea.

Think about music

Is your party going to be a little more swinging than a regular Easter gathering? Then choosing the right band can give you that essential edge! Professional party bands are a fantastic way to encourage people to get into the spirit of things. You can either have them playing throughout the day or bring a band in later in the evening for the adults to enjoy.

Don’t forget to decorate

One of the best ways to bring Easter magic to your venue is by decorating. It doesn’t have to be all bunnies, chicks and eggs, although a few banners are a good idea. Simply opting for Easter colours can be a great way to make your space feel celebratory. Think pale pastels to complement the spring season and perhaps even encourage your guests to dress accordingly.

Embrace tradition

Setting up activities for an Easter party might feel like a pain, but even if you are throwing an adults-only party, you can still embrace tradition and enjoy some activities or games that might normally be aimed at younger guests! Buy some high-end chocolate easter eggs and hold an egg hunt around your home, garden, or wherever you throw your party. Fancy something a little more sedate? Egg painting is always a hit and can appeal to the crafty crowd, no matter how old or young they are.

With these tips and tricks, your Easter party will be one to remember. So make sure you stock up on plenty of chocolate and have fun!

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