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Most Successful Events in the Middle East

The Middle East has become one of the most successful event venues in the world. Starting from music festivals to full-fledged carnivals, the UAE is a cultural melting pot for global audiences to gather and have the time of their lives. But how is a desert country so vibrant and full of energy?

Today, we’ll break the myth and look closely at those events that have given and continue to give it the fame and recognition it has. This list is carefully collated with the best events you can attend in the UAE.

Expo 2022 Dubai

At the top of the list is an event that has made UAE the destination for business elites. Expo 2022 Dubai brings together a confluence to boost local and international business at the same time. This megaevent ran from the 1st of October 2021 to the 31st of March 2022, attracted over 24.1 million visitors from 178+ countries, 107,000 people of eminence and impacted 5.8+ million people using the expo grants awarded. Expo 2022 Dubai was a unique event showcased by top brands and focused on human-centric smart city design that brought together multiple industries, including tourism, transportation, automobiles, real estate, F&B, FMCG, Sustainability, and Technology! Hence, it can be regarded as one of those events that changed the shape of the UAE post-pandemic to catapult it into the new future studded with technology!

Dubai International Jazz Festival

The International Jazz Festival is one of the cultural pins of the very fabric of the global music community. This music festival caters to and collates the creme de la creme of this beautiful, creative, and extravagant world. The Dubai International Jazz Festival is an annual festival that helps boost tourism in the country, bringing together some of the most famous names and select budding acts in the industry. This three-day event hosted in February has been the centrepiece of Dubai’s heritage as it gears up to celebrate its 18th anniversary in 2023.

Riyadh International Book Fair.

UAE leaves no stone unturned when it comes to hosting festivals, and the Riyadh International Book Fair is a testament to the same. This literary festival is full of substance and sets the stage for companies, institutions, and individuals working in the literary industry to meet and present revolutionary ideas. The fundamental aim of this event is to boost the overall spirits of the reading community. Additionally, it also creates a pleasant atmosphere for knowledge, culture, literature and art by enabling and motivating confluence.

Thus, UAE is the hotbed for events across the board and builds a strong sense of community. Starting from the business elites to regular everyday consumers can find something or the other through these marquee events that are hosted by the country. If you want to be a part of this cultural melting pot, one of the best music festivals is coming up. You can check the best ones out and book your tickets for the show this year!


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